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Price Lang PR logoAt Price Lang, we believe in the First Amendment and the importance of quality journalism.

We also believe that media literacy among citizens plays a part in how fact-based information is received. Recent studies have shown media literacy among Americans is on the decline, with an increasing number of our citizens unable to tell the difference between information that has been vetted and is accurate - and information that is merely spread on social media.

To combat this problem, we were proud to make an initial contribution of $10,000 to fund a graduate level media fellowship at the University of Central Oklahoma. This fund will support an annual research project, overseen by UCO faculty and focused on important media literacy topics.

Our hope is that by building an ongoing platform for media literacy research, we can help develop programming and policies that will improve media literacy in our state.

While a contribution to this fund is certainly not required, we hope that if you believe as we do - that facts still matter, and that media literacy does too - that you will join us in this endeavor by contributing to the fellowship’s endowed fund.

Whether you can give $25 or $25,000, we appreciate your support.

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