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The University of Central Oklahoma Centralite Society exists to expand the reach of Annual Giving to current students. This giving society aims to deliver a truly unprecedented pre-graduate experience that will cultivate engaged students and transform them into engaged alumni. 

Historical Overview

The name ‘Centralite’ was originally coined as a term to describe Central legacy students in the early 20th century. Moving forward, campus Centralites will embody the true spirit and nature of our beloved mascot, the Broncho. Bronchos are known for their courage, strength and willpower to lead their own journey. 

Society Goals
  • Cultivate an everlasting appreciation for the Annual Fund’s direct impact to the students of UCO.
  • Facilitate spirit-centered engagement opportunities.
  • Broaden students' experience through campus-wide programming and student-focused development.
"Let your good deeds stand before others, that they may see, and be guided by them.”
Centralite Motto

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