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UCO Foundation
Board of Trustees


Executive Board

Mike Patterson, Chair
Emily Lang, Past Chair
Sheila Stinson, Vice Chair
Peggy Kates, Secretary
Brandon Webster, Member-At-Large
John Bobb-Semple, Trustee Committee Chair
Monica Jackson, Alumni Engagement Committee Chair
Randy Ross, Treasurer
Carolyn Stager, Donor Committee Chair
Jeff Atkins, Governance Committee Chair
Kirby Ross, Audit Committee Chair

Board of Trustees

Ancel Airington
Tammy Alger
Jeff Atkins
Lee Beasley
Sherry Beasley
Derrek Belase
Ann Benjamin
Cynthia Quick Black, Ph.D.
Matt Blubaugh
John Bobb-Semple
Stacy Bozarth
Victoria Caldwell
Jeff Coil
Ana Carmina Dange
Marilyn Davidson
Shelly Douglas
Brian Downs
Carlos Evans
Will Gattenby
Peggy Geib
Kevin Hill
Mark Holland
Monica Jackson
Peggy Kates
Mike Kloiber
Alexis LoPresto
Andy Macaulay
Casey Moore
Dennis Moutray
Jeanette Nance
Shane Pate II
Mike Patterson
Davis Puryear
Kate O’Neill Rauber
Kirby Ross
Randy Ross
Eric Russell
Heidi Russell
Jennifer Sanchez
Paige Shepherd
Carolyn Stager
J. Michael Steffen
Sheila Stinson
Tom Thompson
Scott Waugh
Brandon Webster
Megan Westbrook
Ruth Boss, Emeritus Trustee
Gerry Pinkston, Emeritus Trustee
Darren Helm, Emeritus Trustee
Josh Moore, Emeritus Trustee
Keith Kersten, Emeritus Trustee
Larry Westmoreland, Emeritus Trustee

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