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UCO Colleges

The University of Central Oklahoma enrolls over 17,000 students through its five undergraduate colleges offering more than 100 major and minor areas of study and 40 degree programs at the graduate level. 

Your support allows our colleges to meet immediate needs and pursue educational and experiential opportunities for our students through increased scholarships and advancing cutting-edge curriculum, technology and learning environments.

UCO faculty and staff can support student and campus initiatives through the UCO Faculty & Staff Campaign.


Click on one or more of the colleges below to learn about opportunities to support UCO and its students. 


College of Business (CB)

The UCO College of Business faculty and staff are committed to providing the best educational experience for each of our students. Central Business is part of less than five percent of business schools worldwide who have been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Our alumni, corporate partners, and foundation supporters allow us to receive such a prestigious accreditation and proved us the ability to continue to increase programming, provide scholarships to deserving students and aide the college and faculty in their continual growth.

We have a few priorities for giving that would be a major help toward continuing our Broncho Business tradition of success:

  • Dr. Robert Terrell Endowed Chair in Accounting

Contribute to establish an endowed faculty position to enhance teaching and scholarly activity within the Accounting program.

  • CB Annual Fund

Annual support provides the enrichment of operations and activities, which includes but are not limited to providing textbooks, supplies or necessary equipment for students, helping students participate in study tours, programs or conferences, academic program enhancement, acquisition of instructional and laboratory equipment, helping provide students with research assistantships and faculty development.

  • CB Student Scholarship Fund

More than 80 percent of College of Business students are employed while attending UCO. The college lists student recruitment, retention and support as a top priority. Many of our students are non-traditional or first-generation students in need of financial support to reach their educational goals.

  • CB Faculty Support Fund

The core of student learning rests with the faculty in each program. To offer competitive, current and vital academic programs requires an engaged and credentialed faculty. Faculty recruitment and development, as well as research support is needed. In the current market, business credentialed faculty command greater salaries than non-business faculty thus driving this important goal.

  • 2BLeaders Program Support Fund

The purpose of the fund is to support the 2BLeaders Program.

Giving is a personal experience, and we treat it as such. For more information on making your gift, contact Tara Simmons, development manager for the college, at (405) 974-3781 or

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College of Education and Professional Studies (CEPS)

With Central’s original founding as a teacher’s college, we take great pride in serving our students and education community. As a college we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality educational experience in the State of Oklahoma.

Giving to the College of Education & Professional Studies is easy. While all of our scholarship, endowment, and program funds are important to us those listed below provide funding to the entire college. If you wish to give to another fund not listed here, please visit for a complete listing of all of our funding options.

In today’s world more students are in need of financial support to reach their educational goals. Our college serves nearly 5,000 majors each academic year who go on to work in all areas of education, commercial industry, the non-profit sector, health and wellness, and the business sector. A large number of our students are employed while attending UCO and many are non-traditional or first generation students.

This fund provides support for the college and the enrichment of our operations and activities. It helps pay for scholarships, textbooks, supplies and necessary equipment for deserving students. It helps students participate in programs, conferences and research assistantships. It also helps provide funding for academic program enhancement and acquisition of instructional and laboratory equipment.

To offer competitive, current and vital academic programs for our students requires an engaged and knowledgeable faculty and staff. This fund helps provide faculty and staff funding for travel and attendance to regional, national and international professional conferences, workshops and seminars.

Giving is a personal and thoughtful decision, and our college values and appreciates our donors. For more information on making your gift, contact Karisa Rollins, development manager for the college, at (405) 974-3776 or

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College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD)

At the College of Fine Arts and Design, we work to match donor interest with the needs of our students and faculty. Each year our supporters help us fund scholarships for talented and deserving students and provide the support necessary for students to attend competitions, exhibitions and study tours. 

For information regarding how you can support the College of Fine Arts and Design, please read about some of our funding priorities, below.

  • CFAD Scholarship Fund

Each year our scholarship fund helps provide more than 100 scholarships to well-deserving students. These scholarships not only show support for the dedication our students put forth in their studies, but also help alleviate some of the financial stress they may experience. If you would like to make a contribution to scholarships for College of Fine Arts and Design students, you can designate your gift to our Department of Art, Department of Dance, Department of Design, Department of Theatre Arts or School of Music. 

  • CFAD Annual Fund

Our students’ talents often merit invitations to travel and perform or exhibit their work out of state and, sometimes, out of country. This fund helps support those initiatives along with providing facility improvements that advance our students’ educational experiences. This fund also encompasses the purchase of instruments, the acquisition of new artwork and hosting renowned guest artists, all of which provide our students with a well-rounded education in the fine arts.

  • Arts Legacy Society

The College of Fine Arts and Design has been fortunate to receive gifts from the estates of our alumni and friends. The Arts Legacy Society recognizes individuals with the vision to make provisions for future generations of artists, performers and arts educators. Please inform us if you have named the College of Fine Arts and Design as a beneficiary of your will, trust, life insurance policy or other plans so that we may appropriately recognize your planned gift. If you would like your commitment to be held in confidence, your name will remain anonymous, but please know how appreciative we are of your future support of the College. 

The College of Fine Arts and Design greatly values the support of our donors, alumni and patrons. For more information on our giving programs, contact Deborah Baucom, development manager for the College of Fine Arts and Design at (405) 974-3718 or

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College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

The College of Liberal Arts is first and foremost dedicated to providing a transformational learning experience for all UCO students. With 60 percent of all university classes offered in the College of Liberal Arts, we directly impact the education of almost every student on campus. 

With just under 3,000 Liberal Arts majors spanning 47 different programs, Liberal Arts majors are creative and focused – thriving on the technology and digital media curve. We use the expertise of our external advisory boards to revise curriculum, create new programs to meet state and national employment demands, and provide engaging internship opportunities to ensure our students are employable. Our Liberal Arts mission statement serves as a focal point for teaching and learning. We are educating students and building skill sets such as communication, critical thinking and working with others. We create well-rounded students.

Here are a few ways you can consider giving back to the College of Liberal Arts:

  • College of Liberal Arts Annual Fund

Gifts to the Annual Fund provide a way for opportunities to be met that are either unforeseen or outside the scope of annual budgets. In the past, annual fund dollars have helped prepare new faculty for the classroom, garner support from alumni, and have helped honor outstanding students and faculty. This fund also helps us bring guest lecturers to campus. Every gift makes a difference.

  • Hour For an Hour Scholarship Luncheon

This scholarship luncheon invites alumni, faculty and friends of Central for a one-hour event to raise funds for Liberal Arts student scholarships. Guests are asked to underwrite at least one credit hour of undergraduate tuition to help create scholarships. 

  • College of Liberal Arts Corporate Partner Program

Local businesses and corporations from across Edmond and Oklahoma City are partnering with the UCO College of Liberal Arts. This program helps provide support for student and faculty orientated programs. Partners receive recognition at selected LA events throughout the year.

  • Planned Giving

Smart philanthropy is about making a deliberate decision to redirect money and property away from taxes to institutions of your choice. By including the UCO College of Liberal Arts in your retirement and estate planning, you diminish your tax burdens while supporting students, faculty, programs, and facilities of the college.

  • Corporate and Foundation Gifts

Forming partnerships with industry will enable the college to strengthen its investment in students and foster new opportunities for companies. The college Development Office facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between our college and corporations, foundations, and other non-governmental philanthropic organizations.

With more than 70 funds available, the College of Liberal Arts strives to meet the growing needs of our students, faculty and staff. For more information on making your gift, contact Karisa Rollins, development manager for the college, at (405) 974-3776 or

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College of Mathematics and Science (CMS)

Leaders for our Community

On a daily basis, College of Mathematics & Science graduates impact the lives of others as respected scientists, engineers, doctors, dentists, mathematicians, nurses, business leaders, and professionals in countless related fields. The success achieved by our graduates is the result of our purposeful approach to helping our students learn by offering small classes, promoting transformative learning through student-faculty collaboration and research, and providing state-of-the-art laboratory and classroom instrumentation.

STEM is Central to our Teaching

Each of our academic programs is firmly anchored in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. As the demand for our STEM majors climbs steadily, mirrored by a steady increase in classroom enrollment, the College of Mathematics & Science is experiencing an unprecedented need for additional classrooms and student-faculty research space. By increasing resources for our students and faculty we wish to continue, and even surpass, our success as a student-focused, educational and undergraduate research institution.

For more information on making your gift, contact Tara Simmons, development manager for the college, at (405) 974-3781 or

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