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Alumni FAQs

How do I get my transcript?
The UCO Alumni Association does not maintain academic records. To receive a copy of your transcript, please request a transcript with UCO Enrollment Services

How do I get my diploma?
The UCO Alumni Association does not issue diploma. To receive, replace or reorder your diploma, please request a diploma with UCO Graduation Services

Membership FAQs

The UCO Alumni Association is a non-dues membership association, meaning all 110,000+ graduates of the university and those who have taken a course are considered members of the Association. Alumni are encouraged to create a free Alumni & Friends profile in order to take full advantage of their membership.

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How is the Alumni Association funded?
The university has provided general funding for the Association since 1902. We also rely on the support of our affinity partners to generate additional income for activities and program support.

What benefits do Lifetime Members receive?
The alumni benefits at the lifetime level are advanced notice of events, special invitations to events as well as receiving a copy of Old North magazine biannually. Questions? Email us at ​

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