2023 International Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference

September 28 - 29 Ι 9 a.m.

Nigh University Center

The International Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference (IGSSC) is presented by the Women’s Research Center and the BGLTQ+ Student Center at the University of Central Oklahoma with assistance from the UCO chapter of the National Organization for Women. In tandem, these organizations promote engagement with Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality issues. 


Our theme this year is “Queer Creation(s).” We are thinking about the many and varied ways that people ‘engender’ new things, bringing fresh ideas, artworks, social norms, or practices into being. We celebrate and draw on storytelling, world-making, and community-building traditions, often found in groups with non-traditional gender identities or sexualities. What does it mean to create queerly, or to ‘queer’ the act of creation? What are the possible relationships between procreation, re-creation, or creating in other ways? Especially in difficult circumstances, how can we create the future we desire?

The keynote speaker will be Poet Dr. Iliana Rocha, Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville will deliver a talk regarding “Critical and Creative Inquiry into Gender Based Violence.”

The conference will include presentations that address issues of women, gender, and sexuality studies across various disciplines, including, but not limited to, the social sciences, humanities, fine arts, activism, and STEM fields. We invite students, faculty, staff, scholars, and activists to present papers, panels, roundtable discussions, and poster presentations. We also welcome artists to present or perform creative work, including literature, theater, music, dance, and visual art.

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