UCO Alumni Association - Malaysia Chapter

Malaysia Chapter

From left to right: Timothy Kok, Alvin Teh, Vice President of Development Anne Holzberlein, Steven Ng, Albert Wee, UCO President Don Betz, William Lien, Jayson Lee, Jennifer Tan, Ginny Er, Chi Hoong Tan.

Established: October 2015


President: William Lien

Vice President: Jayson Lee

Secretary: Chi Hoong Tang

Treasurer: Alvin Teh

Membership Committee Chair: Chi Hoong Tang

Event & Activities Committee Chair: Alvin Teh

Social & Welfare Committee Chair: Steven Ng

Student Public Relations Committee Chair: Albert Wee

State Coordinators:
Meng Hung Ting (Sarawak)
Celia Ch'ng (Penang)

To learn more about the Malaysia Chapter, join the UCO Alumni Association - Malaysia Chapter on Facebook. To join the chapter, contact Chi Hoong Tang at