Message from VP Holzberlein

Old NorthDear Friends,

Once again, you continue to amaze me. $29,439.04 in just 23 days.

Our original goal for #SaveOldNorth was $18,900 in 30 days and in true Broncho fashion, you flew right past it.

Though we know we have some way to go before Old North can be opened again, this has been one of our most fulfilling months on the job. You see we have been working to raise the money for Old North for close to five years now.

When we started the $40 million Always Central campaign, we worked with senior administration and consultants to determine what projects we should focus on and what our final fundraising goal should be. Through that process it was determined that we would set our sights on scholarships, teaching, programs, planned giving and two facility projects: Old North and the CHK|Central Boathouse.

We all thought fundraising for a building with so much history and the badge of being the first building of higher education in the state would be done in no time. In fact, we thought it might be the first fundraising goal met.

Now, here we are in the final years of the campaign and still working to finish the fundraising to reopen the building.

Old North has been closed for more than 10 years and now a very real concern is what if people forget why it is important?

That is why this month has been one of the most energizing for us. Each time a story of someone’s time in Old North came in, or we would get the mail in the afternoon and a check would be in there with #SaveOldNorth in the memo line, it was reaffirmed that Old North still has a place in our future.

We will keep working on our end to raise the $3.5 million needed, and know that your support over this last month came just at the right time.

Let’s keep talking about Old North. Let’s not forget her impact on this state and university.

Let’s #SaveOldNorth.