My Story: Bob Davis

Bob Davis (Commercial Art '74)

Bob DavisBob Davis read in our newsletter about the upcoming fundraising push for Old North. He said he wasn't sure how he could help but wanted to do something. We are so thankful he did! Today, Bob stopped by and dropped off an in-kind donation of two of his original water colors of Old North. Thanks Bob!

"I was in the advertising business for many years and realize the importance of symbols and logos. Even though I never attended a class in Old North I knew from my first day on campus in 1974 that it was a symbol of the school. To me tearing down Old North is like the USA tossing out the Statue of Liberty. This is an important building to the school and to the state of Oklahoma. It is the first higher education building. Other schools have old symbolic buildings they have kept such as Old Central at OSU and Old Main at the University of Arkansas. Let's keep Old North."

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