A Clock with Real Chimes

A Clock with Real Chimes: Anne Holzberlein

Anne HolzberleinOne of my favorite stories about the history of Old North has to be the story I read by Charles Evans. It was a beautiful piece about how they obtained a real clock with chimes in the early 1900s.

The President at the time saw a need for a real clock with chimes to be placed in the tower because it currently housed a mock piece with numbers painted on the front.

Here is an excerpt from Evans’ piece highlighting the need:
" ….The simplest of chimes ringing across the campus would speak to hundreds, and even thousands of prospective teachers in Oklahoma and constantly tell of the innate desire of the soul for harmonious sound. Chimes would remind them of historical buildings, of great cathedrals and wonderful memorials throughout the world where men had placed bells of music to tell a story of devotion and high faith."

The President went to the state and implored them to fund the project that was estimated to cost $1,300.

The state laughed at the request so the President turned to the only individuals who knew Old North better than himself – the students and faculty. It was said they were poor but had work ethic like no others.

They bonded together and had candy sales, suppers and campus fairs….all in an effort to raise the needed money for a real clock with chimes.

With the help of Edmond citizens they raised $550 in support, with a signed petition they then took to the state requesting the remaining $750.

The state agreed and Old North finally had a real clock with beautiful chimes. The same chimes we hear alumni who lived around campus in those early days still talk about, chimes they remember fondly to this day.

But what I learned most from this touching story of determination is the power of our Central community. We know what we have in Old North and it takes all of us to make sure future generations know her story.

It is crazy to think that students who were here in this decade do not know Old North. They have never even entered the building. A place that holds so much history for our university and community just sits vacant.

That is why I share this story with you today.

Because like that President who was turned away, I need your help. The help of the people who know Old North better than anyone else.

I ask that you join me in dreaming big today. Dreaming about the type of future you would like to see for your university. This is our project and this our time.

Let's #SaveOldNorth.

Anne Holzberlein
Vice President for Development 
Executive Director of the UCO Foundation

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