How does crowdfunding work?

How Does Crowdfunding for Old North Work?

Crowdfunding is a popular method these days for raising money and awareness for a project. There are many sites out there created for the sole purpose ofOld North crowdfunding, with Kickstarter being one of the most well known. The crowdfunding movement harnesses the passion individuals feel for a project and helps inspire others to also believe in the dream.

That is one of the things we loved about the possibility of using 30 days to help bring awareness to the Old North project. Old North itself was created based on the dream of a handful of individuals. Its early years were all about grass roots efforts to establish itself as a beacon of promise in the southwest landscape.

So we thought - what would happen if we harnessed the passion and grass root efforts of so many of our alumni and friends who believe in the importance of Old North for the future of our university and state?

What if we spent an entire month gathering the beautiful personal stories of our alumni and friends and shared them with everyone? What would be the outcome if we started a movement to #SaveOldNorth? 

Forward the stories that inspire you. Give what you can today. Become a champion for this cause. The only way this 30 days will be successful is if you challenge others to rise up and help #SaveOldNorth. 

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