My Story: Gerry Pinkston

My Story: Dr. Gerry Pinkston (M.Ed '75)

Gerry Pinkston on the Softball FieldDr. Gerry Pinkston spent more than 31 years on campus serving as a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology and head softball coach for 22 years. She has a passion for both UCO and Old North and feels giving back is a way she can honor the past and invest in the future.

I love UCO because of the quality of faculty and how hard they work to pass on knowledge, guidance, support and a caring spirit about each student. Central provided a place for me to spend almost my entire career. I feel a desire to give back both in service and financial gifts where and when possible. It’s a way of honoring the past and investing in the future.

Almost 14 years ago the university closed Old North because it became structurally unsafe. That building was the first building of higher education in the entire state. It holds historical significance. Its picture is the icon that is seen by all when UCO is referenced for almost everything.

Lots of memories were made there from students in classes, faculty offices, graduating students walking through the building on graduation day, etc. 

Gerry Pinkston in the Classroom
I hope those who care about this great university will donate to the restoration of Old North. Instead of just seeing the shell of the building now, it’s time to get people back inside the building so that new memories can be created now and in the future.

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