My Story: Randy Ross

My Story: Randy Ross (B.S., M.B.A '76)
Randy Ross
Randy Ross has a long resume of  notable titles - Mayor of Choctaw, UCO Foundation Board Member and Distinguished Alumnus. He recently shared with us why he loves Old North and the University of Central Oklahoma. 

I have been asked: “Why do I love Old North?"

I could ask myself why do I love the American flag and have a similar answer. It is not just a building and the American flag is not just a flag. They both represent something that I love. They are the symbols of something that impacts my life every day.

Obviously, the flag represents a country and way of life that is the best on this planet. Old North to some degree is the same. To me, UCO is the finest university anywhere.

It provided an education and basis for a career that has provided for me and my family for many years. I found friendships that have been lifelong and professional relationships tied to my years at UCO. I found my wife at UCO. Old North is the symbol that represents the university that gave me opportunities that I never dreamed I would have. 

The question for you is why should you care about Old North?

I would ask you to look at your life and career since you left the university and consider where you would be now if you had not attended UCO. I think it is very much like the great movie “It’s a Wonderful Life."   Jimmy Stewart finds out what it would have been like if he had never been born.

What would it be like if you had never attended UCO? Help us restore this symbol! 

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