Office for Advancement
Email Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for UCO colleges, offices and departments that wish to contact their alumni and donors for general or solicitation purposes through email. The requirements outlined in this document apply to all email communication to UCO alumni and/or donors.

All requests should be made through the UCO Office for Advancement Communication Request Form.

This policy applies to emails distributed to 25 or more alumni and/or donors at a time.

Alumni is defined as any former student who graduated or enrolled in and successfully completed a class.

Each email communication request and the corresponding list are provided for one-time use only. The list can be used more than once if promoting one event series or promotional message as long as the opt-out box is checked prior to disseminating. Due to federal requirements, the storage and/or dissemination of the corresponding list for subsequent use is prohibited. All email communication requires a new request through the UCO Office for Advancement Communication Request Form.

Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Vice President for Advancement.

  1. General Guidelines
    1. Email to alumni and/or donors must be sent through the Office for Advancement’s communication platform. In order to maintain compliance with federal law, the UCO Office for Advancement will not make alumni/donor email lists available to any organization or division. UCO entities wishing to email alumni and/or donors should contact the Office for Advancement at 974-2770 for assistance.
    2. In order for the email communication to be distributed by the desired deadline, the list request must be received by the Office for Advancement 15 days prior to distribution.
    3. Broadcast email may not contain political or commercial messages (with the exception of commercial messages from the UCO Alumni Association Affinity Partners).
    4. Non-alumni donors are exempt from receiving affinity or sponsorship emails.
    5. Submitted email content may be edited for consistency in order to comply with the Office for Advancement and University Communications guidelines.
    6. Email to alumni/donors must comply with university and federal rules.
    7. University employees and affiliated university entities are eligible for communication access through the Office for Advancement. Exceptions must be approved by the Vice President for Advancement.
    8. Copy the development officer affiliated with the communicating unit on each alumni/donor email communication. 
    9. Provide a link to relevant documents as attachments cannot be sent through the communication system.
    10. Requests to change/update email addresses, street addresses or phone numbers, as well as “recipient unknown,” bad email addresses/bounces and opt-outs, should be forwarded to UCO Advancement Services.
    11. Email address lists from the alumni/donor database will not be sold. Email address lists will not be distributed to any university employee or any volunteers.
  2. Email Frequency
    1. Email communication activity will be managed to ensure alumni/donors are not sent excessive amounts of email communications from UCO. A master calendar of email traffic is maintained by the Office for Advancement.
    2. Emails distributed through the Office for Advancement’s platform on behalf of any one department, college or office are limited to two emails per week in an effort to combat opt-outs.
    3. Emails to one segmented audience on behalf of any one department, college or office are limited to three email messages per month.
    4. Emails will be spaced apart by at least one week when distributed to the same audience except in the following instances:
      1. Announcement of an event with the President or other university dignitary;
      2. Event cancellation notices;
      3. Major change or correction to a communication previously sent to alumni/donors;
      4. Natural disaster or crisis;
      5. Communication of general university concern or impact.
  3. Required Information in Emails
    Each email communication must comply with the requirements of the federal CAN-SPAM Act and regulations adopted in accordance with the act, which was put into place to protect consumers.
    1. A clear opt-out link and permanent mailing information for the Office for Advancement or the department on whose behalf the email has been sent.
    2. A link to the organization’s privacy policy in all emails.
    3. The language “This email was sent on behalf of [organization/department] by the UCO Office for Advancement” in the “From” line.
    4. List reply email address as either or
    5. Clearly state affiliations if distributing an affinity partnership email.
    6. A subject line that accurately reflects the content of the message.
  4. Best Practices
    1. Use appropriate grammar and punctuation as well as language that is relevant to the message of the email.
    2. Adhere to UCO’s accessibility guidelines for content and layout.
    3. Be cautious when including links to external websites. Make sure the external link is relevant to the message being conveyed and clearly stated.
    4. Distribute emails outside of the typical 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday. Be mindful of different time zones.


Email communication requests, content, contacts and distribution are approved by the Office for Advancement staff with final approval given by the Vice President for Advancement.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Office for Advancement Marketing and Public Relations director at 974.2770.

To find information on the University of Central Oklahoma's email policy, access the UCO Email Blast Guidelines and Best Practices.

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