DAA and Family of the Year

2014 Distingushed Alumni Recipients: (Left to Right) John Gladden,
Sharon McCollam and Retired Brigadier General, USAF, Tom Daniels, Sr.

An Honorable Tradition...

For more than 50 years, UCO has honored its most outstanding alumni with the Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) and the Family of the Year Award. In honor of the UCO@125 anniversary year, we're hoping to have the largest number of nominations ever!

The DAA award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in education, arts and sciences, business/professions, community service or university service. Also sponsored by UCO Alumni, the Family of the Year award is given annually to a family with a long line of members who have attended and/or graduated from UCO and continue to stay involved with the university.

If you know of an individual or family of Central graduates who you feel would be excellent candidates for either award, please complete the respective nomination forms below. Nominations are due Friday, May 1. We look forward to reviewing your submissions and celebrating those who truly exemplify the Central spirit!

For more information, contact UCO Alumni & Friends at (405) 974-2770.

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