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Max Chambers Library 

Our Strong Tradition
The UCO Max Chambers Library has a deep-rooted tradition of student, faculty, staff and community involvement. Founded in 1894 the Library began with a gift from the Lyceum Society, the fore runner of today's debate team. They raised $26 to purchase the Library's first collection of books which were housed on the second floor of Old North.

Throughout the years Library support has been demonstrated time and again. In 1915 after Edmond civic leaders, school officials and students were able to demonstrate the need for a new building, the Oklahoma Legislature appropriated $50,000 for a new library and classroom facility. The facility known today as Evans Hall was the first library building erected in Oklahoma with state funds. The Library also has profited from many sizable gifts that helped to grow and expand collections.

This strong tradition of giving grew formally into the Friends of the Library (FOL) in 2003. With support from the membership, the Friends group continues to help expand collections through gifts. The FOL also fosters intellectual inquiry and promotes a sense of collaboration by sponsoring film showings, speakers, and other events that bring the university and the broader community together.

Our Challenge
Today's students live their lives around the clock expecting twenty-four hour access to resources of all types. In the digital age, when information has never been more accessible, the ability for the library to manage, sort, and certify information has never been more important. Students rely on libraries for information that is not just current but credible.

Meanwhile, technology has altered library services in tremendous ways. The need to build, manage, and maintain numerous electronic resources—including databases, research publications, and archives—means today's library does far more than it did a generation ago. Today the library is a place to study, to do research, to think and learn, to meet friends and to work collaboratively.

As UCO prepares to invent the future we must prepare to serve those needs. A successful campaign will further distinguish UCO as an institution of excellence, through which its students continue to flourish. With your help, the Library will continue to be a source of knowledge and pride for the entire university community.

Our Priority
Capital projects: $1.75 Million 
Collection Needs: $550,000
Equipment Needs: $350,000
Unrestricted Funds: $350,000

Capital Projects $1.75 Million
In order to make Max Chambers Library more welcoming and inspiring, we will improve study spaces with comfortable soft seating areas, create more group collaborative spaces, build a new library instruction classroom, enhance our Multimedia Center and replace old elevators.

Collections $550,000
Keeping collections current requires a constant stream of acquisitions. Books can cost hundreds of dollars. Academic journals and databases can cost many thousands of dollars each. Funding for collections also will support preservation and cataloging—two essential functions that require highly skilled, specialized staff members who can ensure that library resources can be found and accessed. Access to these sources is vital to maintain the educational excellence of UCO.

Equipment $350,000
Today technology places great demand on our resources as laptops need to be replaced every few years and new robust Wi-Fi networks are needed for students to connect to the internet and library resources.

Unrestricted funds $350,000
Unrestricted funds will allow library officials to refine services, expand program
s, and make special purchases. These funds will enable the Library to respond quickly to the unanticipated learning and research needs of students in the days ahead.

For more information on giving to the library, contact Michelle Baker, assistant director of Development, at (405) 974-2877 or

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