College of Education and Professional Studies

Giving to the College of Education and Professional Studies

As a college we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality educational experience in the State of Oklahoma. To continue to serve our students at the level they deserve and to more fully accomplish our college mission of developing individuals and delivering programs and services to meet the needs of the professional communities served by the college will require continued dedication and additional support in the form of resources external to our institution.

Giving to the College of Education & Professional Studies is easy. While all of our scholarship, endowment, and program funds are important to us those listed below provide funding to the entire college. If you wish to give to another fund not listed here, please visit for a complete listing of all of our funding options.

CEPS General Student Scholarship Fund
In today’s world more students are in need of financial support to reach their educational goals. Our college serves nearly 5,000 majors each academic year who go on to work in all areas of education, commercial industry, the non-profit sector, health and wellness, and the business sector. A large number of our students are employed while attending UCO and many are non-traditional or first generation students. All degree programs in the college include required or preferred field-based experiences. These experiences are critical in enabling students to apply the theories, concepts, and principles of their chosen field to the world of work and often lead directly to employment upon degree completion. Such requirements take the form of internships, externships, practica, student teaching, and clinical experiences. Students who participate in these programs are typically unable to work or work part time. Available financial assistance through this fund helps ease the financial burden students don’t realize until it is upon them.

CEPS Annual Fund
This fund provides support for the college and the enrichment of our operations and activities. It helps pay for scholarships, textbooks, supplies and necessary equipment for deserving students. It helps students participate in programs, conferences and research assistantships. It also helps provide funding for academic program enhancement and acquisition of instructional and laboratory equipment.

CEPS Faculty/Staff Support Fund
To offer competitive, current and vital academic programs for our students requires an engaged and knowledgeable faculty and staff. The core of student learning rests with the faculty in each program and our college is committed to providing the resources to ensure that our faculty can maintain their status as experts in their fields. This fund helps provide faculty and staff funding for travel and attendance to regional, national and international professional conferences, workshops and seminars.

Giving is a personal and thoughtful decision and our college values and appreciates our donors. If you have questions or concerns regarding your gift please contact our College Development Manager, Michelle Moseley at (405) 974-2763 or

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