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Giving to the College of Business

Our college is committed to providing the best educational experience for each of our students. Our alumni, corporate partners, and foundation supporters allow us to continue to increase programming, provide scholarships to deserving students and aide the college and faculty in their continual growth. This cannot be achieved without people like you. Read below to find out more on how you can support the College of Business.

Dr. Robert Terrell Endowed Chair in Accounting
Contribute to establish an endowed faculty position to enhance teaching and scholarly activity within the Accounting program.

CB Annual Fund
Annual support provides the enrichment of operations and activities, which includes but are not limited to providing textbooks, supplies or necessary equipment for students, helping students participate in study tours, programs or conferences, academic program enhancement, acquisition of instructional and laboratory equipment, helping provide students with research assistantships and faculty development.

CB Student Scholarship Fund
More than 80 percent of College of Business students are employed while attending UCO. The college lists student recruitment, retention and support as a top priority. Many of our students are non-traditional or first-generation students in need of financial support to reach their educational goals.

CB Faculty Support Fund
The core of student learning rests with the faculty in each program. To offer competitive, current and vital academic programs requires an engaged and credentialed faculty. Faculty recruitment and development, as well as research support is needed. In the current market, business credentialed faculty command greater salaries than non-business faculty thus driving this important goal.

2Bleaders Program Support Fund 
The purpose of the fund is to support the 2Bleaders Program.

Giving is a personal experience and we treat it as such, if you would like to speak with someone regarding your support or if you have questions or concerns, please call Elizabeth Kennedy at (405) 974-3776 or by email at

As a college we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality educational experience in the State of Oklahoma. However, we know this cannot be accomplished without much needed private support for faculty/staff development, program development, and student scholarship support.

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