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Guys Tailgating Graduation involves much more than receiving a degree. It also includes developing your career and giving back to the university. Maintaining the academic merit of the University of Central Oklahoma enhances the value of your UCO degree as well as those earned in the future. The potential and productivity of the UCO Alumni Association is enriched remarkably through your, direct involvement, resources and skills.

The UCO Alumni Association is now a non-dues paying organization! This means once a Broncho always a Broncho, and now you will be able to stay up to date with news and events for the university.

As we continue to evaluate the current offerings available to alumni, we will be updating benefits and providing opportunities for those who would like to pay an additional amount to access.

We currently have lifetime memberships available to alumni, and with the daily addition of new benefits - this proves a great way to ensure your connection to the university.

Broncho for Life Membership: $750. This premium level of membership is a one-time cost to the member. Broncho for Life members are just that-members for life- and will receive full Association benefits. Payment plans are also available.

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